Where can I watch NTD?

1. To watch NTD via television, visit NTD.com/TV

2. The NTD website: NTD.com

3. For Roku, click HERE

4. The NTD app:

Apple App Store,

Google Play Store

5. Apple TV

You’ll need to have a TV that is connected to an Apple TV device.

The below platforms also have some NTD videos or broadcasts, but not all:

6.The Epoch Times website: TheEpochTimes.com

7. YouTube

8. YouMaker


How can I find your channel number in my area?
Go to our website: www.ntd.com/tv. Look for “Find NTD in Your Area,” top left. Enter your zip code, and you will get the whole list of NTD channels in your area on both cable or over-the-air. Find your favorite way to watch NTD.
I live in New York City or Los Angeles. How can I find the NTD channel number for my local TV service provider?
NTD is on all the local cable systems in New York and Los Angeles. But the channel numbers for NTD on the Spectrum, Charter, Frontier, Cox, AT&T, Dish, and Direct TV channel lineup may vary from one region to another, which can be confusing. Here is what you can do:
To find the channel number in different regions of New York City, please click here.
To find the channel number in different regions of Los Angeles, please visit this site: https://kvmdtv.com/cable-listings
If you still can’t find the channel number for NTD for your local TV service provider, please request support HERE or call our customer support hotline 1-680-201-4999.
Can I watch NTD without cable?
Yes. You can watch NTD 24/7 without a cable or satellite subscription. All you need is an antenna or a streaming device like Roku or Apple TV.
NTD is available through basic channels across 33 states. Please check here for NTD’s basic channel listing. To watch NTD on a streaming device such as Roku or Apple TV, follow the these steps:
  • Go to the channel store or app store on your device. On Roku, it’s called the “Channel Store.”
  • Search for NTD with this logo: . Don’t confuse it with NTD’s Chinese-language channel, which has this logo:
  • Add the NTD app to your device and open it.
  • Watch NTD 24/7 live or on-demand.
If my cable provider doesn’t carry NTD, how can I watch NTD?
The answer is the same as for the first question. You can watch NTD through an antenna or a steaming device like Roku and Apple TV. You may also call your local provider and ask that the NTD channel be added to its list.
I found that NTD is on a local TV station, but I never use an antenna to watch TV. How do I set up an antenna to watch NTD?
Welcome to your first antenna experience. The setup depends on whether an indoor or an outdoor antenna is needed. Indoor antennas work well in most cases, but if you are at the border of the signal range, you will need an outdoor antenna.
Here is the video for installing an indoor antenna: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOHVREArj4w
How to choose different antennas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7JKPDBkz-M
You can call our customer support hotline 1-680-201-4999 or submit a request HERE. We will have an antenna expert help you.
I looked at the full listing of your over-the-air channels. NTD is not on any of local stations, and my cable provider doesn’t carry NTD either. How do I watch NTD?
You can watch NTD on Roku or Apple TV. Or you can download NTD’s mobile app and watch NTD on your computer, phone, or tablet.
How much does it cost to download NTD mobile apps?
NTD apps are free to download.
I am outside the United States. Can I watch NTD on my Roku, Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV?
Yes, you can. It will be the same as if you were in the United States.

Do you have other questions? If so, please request support HERE or call our customer support hotline 1-680-201-4999.

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